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1. Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of High Voltage Electric Substations (Turnkey Projects), details of which are provided as under:

Electrical Design

(a) Design of High Voltage / Extra High Voltage Electric Substations, Power Plants & Transmission Systems
(b) Design of LV (Low Voltage) Systems including Internal Electrification Scheme for Large Industrial, Commercial & Residential Organisations & Establishments


Our engineering services range from basic design to detailed and meticulous planning for space & cost optimization, which helps our customers, especially in metropolitan cities, where space comes at a premium. Detailed engineering calculations for right selection of equipment, after analyzing in detail the requirements of the customers.


We are the suppliers of all kinds of power substation equipment of reputed makes. We offer wide range of quality equipment (conforming to relevant standards) to our customers, customized to their requirements, viz. Distribution and Power Transformers, Gas/Air Insulated Switchgear, Metal Clad Switchgear (H.T. Panels), Lightening Arrestors, Power Cables, Conductors & Accessories, Current & Voltage Transformers, Isolators, Compact/Package Substations, Shunt Reactors & Capacitor Banks, Distribution Panels, Control & Relay Panels, D.G. Sets,   Earthing Systems, Equipment for Internal Electrification Systems, Servo-Controlled Voltage Stabilisers, etc.


The electrical equipment are installed strictly in accordance with relevant electricity supply rules, keeping utmost focus on quality of workmanship and safety.

Electrical Testing

The electrical equipment/systems, once installed, are tested for their electrical functioning/performance as per relevant standards/rules.

Commissioning of Electric Substations/Power Systems
The electrical equipment/systems, once tested and got approved from authorities concerned, are commissioned by our team, and hands-on training is imparted to the customers regarding safe operation of the systems.

2. Licensed Electrical Contractors (Govt. Licensed Contractors)

3. Consultancy Services regarding Design, Engineering, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of High Voltage Electric Substations/Systems, Power Plants & Transmission Systems

4. Annual Maintenance Contracts for Electrical (HV & LV) Substations/Systems

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